Restoring Order and Moving Forward

Friday was sweltering, now it’s raining and promises to keep it up off-and-on all this coming week. Too bad. The county fair held in our village is starting, and the rain won’t be good for fair-goers. We finally got to move back into our (finished) bedroom. Of course, part of that move segued into going through a lot of clothes and boxes packed away in a storage closet, to dig out several of my drawings to hang on the bedroom walls. (I used to do a lot of pencil drawings and some watercolor paintings.) The long-delayed “Spring cleaning” allowed touching upon old memories while restoring a sense of order to the chaos of our house project. Actually, I think taking on a bit of cleanup, or tidying, can help a person regain a sense of control in life. Other things, like a motorcycle ride, can produce the effect as well. For my series protagonist, Bobby Navarro, it’s a motorcycle ride that clears the cobwebs and restores a sense of order to his life. I’ve read a couple of authors who have used cooking to this end for their protagonists. I like that, too, both cooking and the fact other authors have their protagonists cook. A good story needs problems and crises to be resolved, but sometimes it’s good to see the hero stop and take a breath, and do so in a way that seems both real and possibly familiar.

Vegetables From the Garden

Vegetables From the Garden


  1. HI Glenn, been enjoying your blog tour and was wondering how you managed to set up so many guest blogs and keep each one fresh. Do you accept guest blogs, too? Keep up the good work-I look forward to reading the new books.

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