Outdoor living

Today was predicted to be steady rain, heavy at times. We’ve had rain in the forecast quite a bit lately, but the days have turned out to be absolutely beautiful. This has meant dropping any competing plans wherever possible and working in the yard. Spring yard work is usually a narrow window of opportunity. Naturally, when it wasn’t raining when I got up this morning, I decided to see how much I could get done before it started.

It started raining almost as soon as I got outside, so naturally I told myself I’d work until it started raining hard. In the meantime, I was laying weed prevention cloth in the flower beds and covering the area with mulch. That meant I repeatedly decided I’d just finish the section of cloth I had laid, or work until I’d dumped the rest if the bag of mulch I’d just opened. As you can guess, I was pretty wet by the time I went inside for a late breakfast.

Actually, being out in the rain can be great if you’re dressed for it. I’ve many memories of hiking in the rain because I wanted the exercise and fresh air. I suppose that would explain why I spent so much time after breakfast this morning looking out the windows. Spring rains, they can be beautiful.

When I think of loving the outdoors, I usually think of hiking, biking, canoeing, skiing, sailing, and so on. It occurred to me that working in the yard, or on the outside of the house, can be compelling as well. It usually beats taking up the long list of indoor projects I have piled up and waiting. Even when it’s raining. Besides, the sourdough pancakes I made for breakfast tasted extra good for having done the work in the yard.





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