Bobby Navarro is on the road again

It’s springtime in Florida. I can tell. It’s warming up, people are flooding the airports trying to get here, and daylight savings is back. But, I can also tell by those mysterious inner workings that start me thinking more heavily about the projects I have planned when we get back to our northern cottage in upstate New York and all the things I want to do and enjoy before we leave here. High on the to-do list, both here and back North, is writing. I want to complete the manuscript for the third novel in my series featuring Bobby Navarro. That’s right, number two in the series, Murder on the Mother Road, at long last is completed and available through Amazon. The story is set in Arizona this time. Bobby discovers a body in the trunk of a parked car, meets an eccentric who claims to know who the killer is, decides to join a Bible study group at the Holiness Pentecostal Church of the Brethren, run by ex-motorcycle gang members, in order to chase down suspects and suspicions so he can help a police officer he had a crush on in high school determine whether the story told to Bobby is true. In other words, Bobby Navarro never tires of taking his motorcycle out on the highway, and never fails to run into a few problems and adventures when he does.

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